Who We Are

CodeClubs.org is a coalition of professional software developers, analysts, engineers, and other technical professionals who volunteer time from their busy lives to support the intellectual development of youth in our community.

What We Do

CodeClubs.org recruits and trains professionals in the tech industry to facilitate after school clubs, workshops, and other activities in the field of computer science. We also identify community centers, schools and secure other facilities to hold these events. Finally, we do ongoing marketing and recruiting for the youth to participate in our clubs and events.

What Makes Us Unique

CodeClubs.org is the only organization in NM providing after-school computer science education free of charge to all parties and facilitated by professionals in the software industry. We have created (and continue to refine) our facilitator training to teach these industry professionals how to interact with girls in the best way to encourage growth and learning in the way girls learn best. In addition, we have created (and continue to refine) a computer science curriculum for youth of varying skill levels, oriented toward youth in grades 6-12.

We have adopted structure and materials from the many publicly available resources which align with our core mission and values, including Girls Who Code, TechGirlz, NCWIT, Code.org, and others.


We work in cooperation with, and in support of, many community organizations which are making a positive impact in the areas in which they serve, including Open Source Kids, Brain Hackers Association, Cultivating Coders, Girls Who Code, and others.

Sponsorship and Support

Support for CodeClubs.org, our after-school clubs, and our workshops is provided by numerous public, private, and nonprofit organizations, including Adelante, AFRL, Girls Who Code, The Balloon Museum, Explora, Albuquerque Libraries, The City of Albuquerque, NCWIT, and Rural Sourcing, Inc.

Intellectual Property

Most CodeClubs.org intellectual property is put into the public domain under a permissive creative commons or open source license; usage is allowed without explicit permission for non-profit and non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise restricted. Commercial sale of our material and derivative works is not allowed, though usage in paid classes and events is allowed.

You may use our materials and create derivative works so long as you do not claim ownership, sell our material, or sell works derived from our material.

Software developed and maintained by CodeClubs.org on GitHub and other repositories is considered open source under the MIT license and available to the general community.

Other intellectual property not explicitly made open source and not put into creative commons is protected intellectual property of CodeClubs.org and all rights, including without limitation ownership, moral and artist rights, are reserved.

Materials from other entities are copyrighted to their respective owners and used with permission.